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Royal Knights




Title: Aloof Hermit (孤高の隠士 Kokou no Inshi) / Empty Seat (空白の席 Kūhaku no Seki)
Level: Mega
Type: Holy Knight

The owner of the blank seat who as a initial paladin 《Alphamon》controls the Paladins, one of the royal knights. Alphamon is a humanoid Digimon in heavy black armor, contrasting the white armor of its counterpart, Omegamon. While its back protrusions contain a hint of wings that appear fully in its Ouryuken form.

Name origin: ALPHA, the Greek letter 《α》, is the first of the Greek alphabets, representing the first, but also has the meaning of unknown and origin.

Alphamon is Dorumon’s Mega from, a knight coated in black armor and the leader of the Royal Knights. Alphamon and Owryumon DNA Digivolve together to form Alphamon Ouryuken.


[~] Divine Sword Grade Alpha (聖剣グレイダルファー Seiken Gradalpha?)

Draws out a convergence of light that was pierced into the center of a magic circle, and stabs it through the opponent.


[~] Soul Digitalization (Digitalize of Soul)

Spreads the wings on its back and flies up high, then deploys a magic circle even larger than the sky, with which it summons a legendary monster from another dimension. The magic circle blasts the opponent with a green energy wave.




Alphamon Ouryuken


Alphamon Ouryuken is Alphamon when he has wings and the ability to summon the Ultimate-Battle-Blade-OURYUKEN. Alphamon Ouryuken appears when the powers of Magna, one of the Holy Knights allows Owryumon to become a sword for Alphamon. Alphamon’s appearance changes, with feathered wings on his back and Owryumon becoming his sword, the War Blade.


[~] Ultimate-Battle-Blade-OURYUKEN (究極戦刃王竜剣 Kyūkyokusenjin Ouryūken, lit. “Ultimate-Battle-Blade-Ouryu-Sword”)

Uses his giant sword transformed from Owryumon to attack his enemies.



[~] Digitalize of Soul

Fires multiple green energy beams from his hands.



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