“Fate/Grand Order” released the second character movie “Saber” “Rider” exposure

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4861a16e58a36e4df376d58134106nc5.JPGTYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT’s smart phone RPG “Fate / Grand Order”, the official website in the recent release of the game’s second wave of the first wave and the second wave of the role of the film. The third and fourth wave of character films are expected to be released on March 17th.

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The official will release the second part of the game’s character movie on the Saturday after the broadcast of “Fate/EXTRA Last Encore” on Saturday. The first wave of roles disclosed this time was Saber (CV: Nanako Mori),


and the painter was hou. The second wave of roles is Rider (CV: Masuda Toshiki), and the teacher is ギンカ. The second part is expected to be launched in April 2018.


“Fate/Grand Order” 4 weeks in a row. All 8 rank TV-CM ~1st Saber~

“Fate/Grand Order” 4 weeks in a row. All 8 ranks TV-CM ~2nd Rider~

Website :

《Fate/Grand Order》Official Website


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