A new role-playing maze role-playing game for the《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter 2》released on June 28 ~ Complete inclusion of previous generation remastered version

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COMPILE HEART recently announced that the maze-like role-playing game 《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter 2》will be launched on PS4 on June 28th.

《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter 2》Promotional & Opening Films

This is a new orthodox sequel to the 《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter 2》 released on PS Vita in 2016. The girls jailed in the jail “Jail” will desperately escape the adventure and become a maze-like role-playing game.


Master visual illustration


Conceptual art

In addition, this work is a completely new version of the 《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter 2》, also included the former《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter》PS4 remake, and based on the player’s opinions on various levels of system improvements.

System improvement point
~ Adjust the maze map size
~ Jail Roulette adds “Automatic Function”!
~ It takes more than twice the time to adjust the balance.
~ It takes more than twice the time to debug.
~ Warehouse adds various functions.
~ Strengthen the mission system.
~ The Jail roulette project has been completely updated and the system of “growth zones” has been changed.
~ Change how Jail is displayed when it is headstrong.
~ Make a big correction to other players who need to adjust the elements.

The official website that was created at the same time as the game announcement, released a worldview, characters, videos, etc., and players are requested to confirm it.


Story & World view

~ Story

The Jail, known as the “life prison,” is an unbreakable human shelter.
The prison, which was suddenly born decades ago, is managed by monsters called “Marchen (メルヒェン)” and the crazy existence “Nightmare(ナイトメア)” that leads them.

“Tsuu” and “Little Mermaid” belonging to the organization “Dawn” for jailbreaking from “Jail” successfully rescued the new companion “Alice (アリス)” and the juvenile “Jack (ジャック)”.
Tsuu and others took the two together to the town, but Alice suddenly went crazy on the way and began to wave the knife between the enemy and me.
Alice’s fierce blade hits Tsuu and Jack and Little Mermaid who want to protect her. The three fall down the cliff.
Tsuu and Little Mermaid woke up under the cliffs and saw that Jack was dying.
Tsuu, Little Mermaid, and Jack — in order to escape from their destiny, the young girls who have done their best and the teenagers who have become nightmares, the story begins.

System Instructions
Love and crazy intertwined drama!
The maiden “Little Mermaid”, the mysterious girl “Tsuu”, who should have died, and the former hero of the nightmare “Jack”, together with them, escape from the destiny!
The frontal attack behind! Grab the ghost system
Never heard it before! ? This time, let the enemy spin with the power of bloodsucking! Kill the enemy behind!
You can play in the remake of the 《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter》!
Play with this together and enjoy over 80 hours of fun! This can also be used to play 《Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter》 remake version! Balance and map size are all new!

Character introduction

【Main character】

Protagonist ~ Tsuu

Seiyuu: Abe Rika


Female Protagonist ~ Little Mermaid 

Seiyuu: Suzaki Aya 


Friend ~ Nightmare・Jack

Seiyuu: Sakai Koudai 


The official website also publishes theme song information. The title song and the ending song are all performed by the “Earphones.”

Opening ~ 【Witchcraft <>】

Sing : Earphones

Written : J.A. Seazer

Composed : J.A. Seazer

Arranged : J.A. Seazer and A_kira

Ending ~ 【Mirai Dorobou】

Sing : Earphones

Written : RUI & ROLLY

Composed : RUI & ROLLY

Arranged : RUI & ROLLY


This work has been open for appointments in various stores, the official website also announced the seven limited edition special code and store reservations special code and other information, as well as the appointment of special love ADV game “Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter (恋獄塔 めありーすけるたー)‘s information.


Website : ~ http://www.compileheart.com/mary-skelter/tuu/


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