《Dragon Ball Super》 series announced the launch of new movie Saiyan and Frieza will have more description

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It was adapted from the classic adventure comic book “Dragon Ball” by Toriyama Akira. As the 20th commemorative movie of the “Dragon Ball” series, the latest movie version was announced. It is tentatively titled “Dragon Ball Super Movie (ドラゴンボール超(スーパー)””, and It is scheduled to be released in Japan in December this year.


At the moment of the end of the “Dragon Ball Super” animated “Universal Survival Story” aired in Japan, the official announced that the film version to be launched in December will be temporarily titled “Dragon Ball Super Movie” and the story will be animated on TV. The follow-up story is described as a master. According to the author, Toriyama Akira, in this film version, in addition to the more detailed description of the relationship between Saiyan and Frieza that has not been previously described in detail, there will be strong enemies in the film to add more fun to the work.

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The “Dragon Ball Super Movie” will be directed by Nagamine Tatsuya of “One Piece Film: Z” and will be supervised by Shintani Naohiro. Currently the film is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 14th. For those who are interested in this, pay attention to following updates.

Website : ~ Dragon Ball Super Movie


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